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Fundamentals is our global WDI prework, focused on foundational skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Fundamentals also aims to familiarize students with tools they will use in class, including text editors and Github, and provides students the opportunity to practice good study habits and programmatic thinking.

Fundamentals Units

1 Developer Foundations Internet Fundamentals, Intro to Programming Languages, Think Like A Developer
2 Developer Tools Text Editors, Terminal, File Systems, Github
3 Intro to HTML HTML Elements and Boilerplate
4 Intro to CSS Color, Fonts, Classes + IDs, Images, Markup
5 Layout Basics Semantic Elements, Div and Span, The Box Model, Header/Footer/Nav
6 Navigation and Webpage Layout Horizontal and Vertical Navs, Floating and Clearing, Column Layout
7 Intro to Javascript Pseudocode, Data Types and Variables, Expressions and Evaluations
8 Control Flow Operators, Conditionals, Switch and Ternary Operators, Loops, Arrays
9 Functions Defining and Calling Functions, Parameters and Return Statements, Scope
10 Objects Creating Objects, Object Method, JSON and This
11 The Dom Accessing and Manipulating the DOM

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