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Dear WDI Student,

Congratulations on joining the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly!

Whether you're enrolled to attend classes remotely (WDIr) or on campus, we hope you find WDI to be as rewarding as it is challenging — we can assure you it will be both! There are a lot of technical ideas to cover and terms to learn before starting WDI and, if you don't prepare, they can easily trip you up. To make sure you have the proper footing, we've prepared this eBook, covering the fundamentals of web-based programming.

We'll touch on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We'll also learn how to work with standard developer tools (text editors, browsers, the command line, Git, and GitHub).

The entire eBook is 11 units long, and we expect it to take about 40 hours to complete. Make sure you read through the information below before continuing, as we've outlined some important points to remember as you move through WDI Fundamentals!

Join the WDI Community

We design our Immersive courses to help you embrace the challenge of lifelong learning. This means that, when you get stuck, your instructors will often help you to work through your own process of discovery rather than simply give you the right answer. You'll also learn to rely on your classmates for structure and support.

You're probably completing the pre-course work at home or in a coffee shop, so you won't have the same level of guidance you'll get once you join us on campus (or in our virtual classroom). For now, we encourage you to connect with your classmates via Slack, a real-time messaging application you'll be using in class.

Sign on to Slack

  • First, check your email for an invitation from your producer.
  • Be sure to add a photo and "WDI Student - CITY" or "WDI Student - REMOTE" (if you're taking WDI remotely) to your profile.
  • Next, go to slack.com, enter "ga-students" where the page asks for your team domain, and join the #wdi-fundamentals channel to meet your global classmates!

Please note: Whether you're joining WDI on campus or WDIr remotely, you should log onto the same channel on Slack: #wdi-fundamentals. If you're working on the older version (v2.1), be sure to let your classmates know, as the units are different for the new version (v3.0).

OK, let's get started!