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Units & Lessons

This ebook has 11 units; each unit contains lessons, exercises, quizzes, and an assignment.

1 Developer Foundations Internet Fundamentals, Intro to Programming Languages, Think Like A Developer
2 Developer Tools Text Editors, Terminal, File Systems, GitHub
3 Intro to HTML HTML Elements and Boilerplate
4 Intro to CSS Color, Fonts, Classes + IDs, Images, Markup
5 Layout Basics Semantic Elements, Div and Span, The Box Model, Header/Footer/Nav
6 Navigation and Page Layout Horizontal and Vertical Navs, Floating and Clearing, Column Layout
7 Intro to Javascript Pseudocode, Data Types and Variables, Expressions and Evaluations
8 Control Flow Operators, Conditionals, Switch and Ternary Operators, Loops, Arrays
9 Functions Defining and Calling Functions, Parameters and Return Statements, Scope
10 Objects Creating Objects, Methods, JSON
11 The DOM Accessing and Manipulating the DOM, Events
  • Every unit has objectives at the beginning. These are the learning goals you should be able to accomplish by the end of that unit. It's always a good idea to circle back to the objectives and self-assess!

  • Each lesson covers a topic related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or developer tools. Lessons are structured with explanations and plenty of examples to help you grasp these topics. You may have seen some of this material before, but we encourage you to do all of the exercises and assignments to really internalize the skills and vocabulary.

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