WDI Fundamentals

WDI Fundamentals Unit 2

Your Turn Your Turn

Part 1:

1) Open up your terminal application.

2) Navigate into your Downloads directory.

3) Move the World directory you downloaded in the previous exercise from Downloads to your home directory.

4) Check to see if you've successfully moved the World directory by listing the contents of your home directory.

Part 2:

You may have noticed that we neglected to include Antarctica in the World directory. Go ahead and correct this mistake straight from the command line:

1) Make sure you're in the World directory within your home directory.

2) Make a new directory titled Antarctica inside the World directory.

3) To be sure you created the directory in the right place, list the contents of the World directory.

4) If you haven't already, navigate back into the World directory.

5) List the contents of South_America. There should be three country directories: Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

7) Move the contents of South_America into the North_America folder.

8) Delete the now empty South_America directory.

9) Change the name of the North_America folder to Americas.

Part 3: Close and restart your terminal application.

1) In your command line, navigate to your home directory.

2) Print your working directory to confirm your location.

3) List the contents of the Americas folder without changing your working directory (HINT: Use an absolute path).

4) In your home directory, create a new folder called "wdi-fundamentals."

5) Change the name of the wdi-fundamentals folder to "fundamentals." Do not change its location.

6) We'll be using this folder to house your Fundamentals project, so keep it clean and don't delete it!

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