WDI Fundamentals

WDI Fundamentals Unit 4

Webpage Layout

Now that we've learned about layout, we're even better equipped to format our HTML and uniquely style our memory game!



The current state of your game could use some formatting and personalization.

  • To give your webpage a nice personal touch, add a footer with some personalized text. Perhaps something like: Created with love by <your name>.
  • Figure out a way to throw in an icon as well, and make your name a different color than the rest of the text to give it some oomph.
  • Last but surely not least, give your site a nice touch by centering all of its text.
Below are the steps to complete the assignment:

1) Create your footer with the given text and a heart icon underneath your divs, before your closing body tag:

Created with ♥ by GA

2) Wrap the words "GA" using span tags and it give it a class of "name" so you can style it.

3) Go into style.css and color your name with #ff0000.

4) Finally, center the text in the body selector using the text-align property.


Nice — things are looking better already!