WDI Fundamentals

WDI Fundamentals Unit 7

Git and GitHub Preparation

In order to share our memory game publicly and turn in the assignment, you will need to access code that is located on GitHub's servers. Follow these instructions to get started:



  • Create a GitHub account.
  • Fork the "WDI Fundamentals Memory Game" repository.
  • Clone your fork locally.

Below are the steps for completing the assignment:

1) If you don't have one already, create an account on GitHub.com.

2) Go to this address to find the repository containing the existing code. Once you're there, click the button that says "Fork." This will create a copy of the original repository under your GitHub account.

3) Take a look and confirm that you now have a copy of wdi-fundamentals-memorygame in your list of repositories.

4) Open your fork of the repo (Note that GitHub lists your repo as a fork of the original repository).

Image showing "forked from ga-students/wdi-fundamentals-rps"

5) Find the clone URL listed on this page, and copy it to your clipboard.

Image showing "clone HTTP address"

6) Open up the terminal application on your computer and navigate to the fundamentals directory within your home directory. Once you're there, run the following Git command from the command line:
git clone https://your/clone/url (substituting the clone URL you copied above).
This will copy your forked repo from GitHub to your computer so that you can work on it locally.

7) If you've followed these directions correctly, you should have a repository in your fundamentals folder called wdi-fundamentals-memorygame. This repository contains three folders and a couple of other files. For this project, the ONLY file we're expecting you to edit is main.js — it can be found at wdi-fundamentals-memorygame/starter-code/main.js.

And that's it for awhile! We'll be coming back to this project at the end of every unit, but it's now time to move on to Unit 8.