WDI Fundamentals

WDI Fundamentals Unit 8

Your Turn Your Turn

Now it's your turn to practice writing pseudocode!

Program: Check for Discount Eligibility

We'd like to create a program that checks to see whether or not movie patrons are eligible for a discount and then displays the appropriate ticket price.

Here is the pricing structure:

1) If patrons are 65 or older, they are eligible for senior discounts. The ticket price for seniors is $6.00.

2) If patrons are 25 or younger, they are eligible for student discounts. The ticket price for students is $8.00.

3) All other tickets cost $10.00.

Try your hand at writing pseudocode for this program. Remember, the goal is to think through the problem and break it down into simple steps.

Stuck? Check out the solutions to see what you can do.

Let's move on to learning about data, operators, and expressions in our next lesson!